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Kerri Chandler - Fingerprintz EP (12" Vinyl) (Re-Issue)

Originally released back in 1995 the "Fingerprintz EP" is another great relic unearthed from KC's vast catalogue of classics. "Where Is Love" immediately possesses us with that trademark swing and unfathomable deepness; his snappy snare hits and vibey keys sounding as good as ever. "I Feel It" keeps the energy levels up high as we soar through another faultless benchmark of house's halcyon days. "I Remember" demonstrates Chandler's ear for thick, bulldozer house grooves, his drum programming becoming somewhat of a religiously studied topic through his career. Finally, "The Boom Can" sees us with another deep house anthem-not-anthem; a euphoric keyboard line paired perfectly with crisp, kinetic rhythms. As usual, completely remastered by Kerri Chandler himself, from original sources and should sound better than ever. Comes in classic Madhouse records house bag. Snoozing not advised!

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